November 2023

LEADER PRACTICE No. 9: Time to Reflect

As the calendar year winds down, work deadlines and personal commitments have a way of picking up. This annual whirlwind of activity can be enjoyable – and overwhelming. Then the New Year rings in and we’re off to the races again! I’ve found that carving out some time after the end-of-year hustle provides a pause and reset. I reflect on the old year and envision the new one that’s nearly upon us. It’s a good way to begin again.

As part of this reflection practice, I consider important personal and professional events of the past year. I identify what I am most proud of and grateful for. I look at lessons learned and areas where I could benefit from letting go. Taking inventory enables me to move into the new year with a clear mind and heart. I find that being able to dream a little helps me to clarify what I most want in the new year. I prioritize where and with whom I’ll share my time and energy. This conscious practice creates a guide that helps me to navigate the next year. It’s a touchstone that shows me if I’m aligned with what I had said was important, personally and professionally. It keeps me on course.

Looking back on 2023, one of the things I am most proud of is my commitment to the regular Conscious Leader Toolkits. I’m grateful when I hear how the posts have had an impact on our community. Reconnecting with so many of you has been heart-warming. If you missed or would like to revisit any of the Toolkits, here are the topics and links. If they were valuable to you, please invite others to subscribe here. And if there are topics you would like me to explore in 2024, please share them with me. I would love to hear from you.

  1. Pausing and Centering
  2. Checking In
  3. Pause Making Sense
  4. Best Leader Style? It Depends
  5. Listening with Presence
  6. Conversations for Action Part 1
  7. Conversations for Action Part 2
  8. Difficult situation? Consider Acceptance


Make time for reflection and envisioning

Having tried many sets of annual reflection questions and tools, my favorite is The Year Compass. I wonder what your “Word for the Year Ahead” and “Secret Wish” will be?

Until next month…

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