Assessment Tools

Asessments raise the self-awareness of leaders and teams enabling growth and change.

The work of self-descovery involves becoming aware of our patterns – gifts and strengths, areas for growth, blind spots, and limitations. Learning to be present to those patterns is essential for individual leader and team growth. We offer 360 Feedback, personality, and vertical development assessments for individual leaders and teams.

360 Feedback is a method of gaining valuable insights from a leade’s team, bosses, peers, and other stackholders on what is working well and is limiting potential. We believe 360 feedback, shether generated by us or your organization, is essestial input for a leader’s development plan. We work with leaders to make meaning of the feedback and to discern what is useful for their vidion of success. We offer interview-based 360’s or the Leadership Circle Profile, an on-line normative assessment.

We interview between seven and a dozen direct reports, peers, bosses, and other stakeholders and synthesize the findings into a richly detailed, narrative report that evokes a leader’s wholeness – gifts and strengths, areas of potential growth, and blind spots.

The Leadership Circle Profile&reg is an online 360 assessment based on extensive research that provides insight into a leader’s performance, including comparison with a normative pool of executives and managers across the globe. It measures effective leadership through Creative Competencies and limitations through Reactive Tendencies. The assessment gives the leader insight into thinking and actions that are limiting their leadership potential. It can accommodate 25+ input sources.

Humans are infinitely complex. While personality assessments can never define who we are, they provide key insights about our preferences, patterns, and areas of focus to create positive impact on our lives and relationships. Ultimately, these assessments can accelerate self-discovery and evolution -individually and collectively. The two assessments we use are DiSC and Enneagram.

DISC is a simple and practical framework for individuals and teams to increase understanding of behavioral styles. We use Wiley’s Everything DiSC® profiles for individuals, energizing team building, and manager development sessions. DiSC allows individuals to easily recognize their strengths and challenges and provides specific recommendations for enhancing collaboration, reducing conflict, enhancing manager approaches, and working more effectively with others.

We know of no other framework that supports personal growth and the journey toward integrating our human potential quite so well as the Enneagram. It opens a pathway to self-discovery and deep insights to individuals and teams by providing a map of our automatic patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Seeing the patterns that sub-consciously drive us opens the possibility of greater understanding, compassion and relating more effectively with ourselves and others. We incorporate the Integrative 9® (IEQ9) in coaching engagements to support deep self-discovery, as a springboard for growing interpersonal and team awareness, and enabling teams to express their full potential.

Horizontal development is about adding more knowledge, skills, and competencies (i.e., adding more water to a glass.) Vertical Development is about how we learn; it expands our capacity to think in more complex, systemic, strategic, and interdependent ways (i.e., making the glass larger so it can hold more water.) Both are necessary for a leader’s growth. However, it is no longer sufficient for leaders to just add new skills to their toolkits, they have to grow the “self” that uses the toolkit. Organizations that support leader vertical development are more agile, strategic, inclusive, collaborative, and able to deal with complexity. We use the AIM® tool to support leader vertical development.
The AIM assessment is an online sentence completion instrument. The AIM report provides a map of a leader’s vertical development journey. It provides information on how a leader currently makes meaning – their center of gravity, the territory they operate in, as well as areas that may not yet be visible or accessible to them. It makes suggestions about where a leader might go next in their development journey. This understanding is invaluable for expanding a leader’s capacity.

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