Leadership Development

collective leader development transforms organizations, cultures and performance

Do you and your leaders need to “up your leadership game?” If your leaders were able to address complex challenges, navigate conflict, and inspire and coach their teams, could you accomplish more? We start with our robust catalogue of off-the-shelf leader modules and then work with our clients to co-design programs that address their goals, constraints, and performance gaps. The resulting programs can be comprehensive development journeys, upskilling in a specific area, and everything in-between – all with a focus on engaging leaders and cultivating their capacity.


Conscious leadership includes the practices and process used by great leaders to cultivate presence, self-awareness, intentionality, radical responsibility, and a culture of “we.” Becoming a more conscious leader starts with a focus on the self and leads to increased personal and professional effectiveness. Research demonstrates teams of conscious leaders can transform organizations, cultures, and business performance. Stillwater Leadership works with individuals, teams, and organizations to cultivate conscious leadership by practicing presence, expanding awareness through self-discovery, and offering practical, relevant leader tools and approaches.

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