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Stillwater Leadership supports the practice of conscious leadership.

We work with individuals, teams, and organizations to cultivate leader potential and realize their vision of success.




Self discovery

We all have patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting that have contributed to our success. Those same patterns create blind spots that limit us and leave us feeling stuck. We facilitate self-discovery through self-observation, self-reflection, assessments, visioning, powerful dialogue, and practical exercises. The discovery process results in expanded awareness which enables leaders to see situations from new perspectives, respond in more effective ways, and achieve their vision of success.


Presence practices are foundational for managing our nervous system, emotions, focus, well-being, and connections. When we pause and settle the mind, we can respond with more choice and intention – and new possibilities emerge, professionally and personally.  Stillwater Leadership helps clients develop and integrate presence practices such as pausing, centering, mindfulness, journaling, spending time in nature, and body practices to support the growth and well-being of leaders. These practices also create the space for more objective and expansive self-discovery.

Leadership toolkit

At Stillwater Leadership, we are lifelong learners committed to developing exceptional leaders. As former leaders in large organizations, we have curated a proven toolkit of effective leadership models, concepts, and approaches. We enable leaders to experiment, practice, master, and integrate these tools into all aspects of their lives. Coupled with conscious practices, such as being more present and self-aware, these leader practices can become new ways of being that improve leadership, organizations, and lives.


Conscious leadership includes the practices and process used by great leaders to cultivate presence, self-awareness, intentionality, radical responsibility, and a culture of “we.” Becoming a more conscious leader starts with a focus on the self and leads to increased personal and professional effectiveness. Research demonstrates teams of conscious leaders can transform organizations, cultures, and business performance. Stillwater Leadership works with individuals, teams, and organizations to cultivate conscious leadership by practicing presence, expanding awareness through self-discovery, and offering practical, relevant leader tools and approaches.

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Our approach is grounded in real-world leadership experience and influenced
by neuroscience, adult development, presence, body intelligence, and the practice of conscious self-discovery.

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