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Mindfulness Programs for Organizations

Would you like to introduce simple practices that enable leaders and employees to have greater focus, insight, creativity, adaptability, resilience and sense of well being, as well as more compassion for one another? We know from neuroscience research that cultivating and strengthening our mind’s capacity through mindful practices has all these benefits - and more. At Stillwater Leadership, we have experienced these benefits first-hand, which is why we are committed to bringing this work to organizations.

We offer a variety of customized and off-the-shelf programs that benefit employees at all levels. Our programs are grounded in science and the reality of today’s business environments. Our interactive and engaging programs explore the intersection of mindfulness and personal excellence. Our teachers are credible business leaders and deep practitioners that embody mindful presence. All our teachers are certified to teach mindfulness in corporate environments. We offer:

Potential Project is the leading global provider of organizational effectiveness programs based on mindfulness. Each engaging session combines cultivation of new mindsets, the practice of mindfulness and practical tools incorporating mindfulness into the work setting. This leads to higher performance, creativity and resilience. We will work with your organization to choose the topics that are most relevant for your culture and objectives. The program is typically delivered in 75-90 minute sessions over 4 to 12 weeks. Explore to learn more.

Search Inside Yourself (SIY), born at Google and based on brain science is changing thousands of lives in more that a dozen countries. This immersive, fun developmental program uses the practices of mindfulness to train emotional intelligence skills, leading to resilience, positive mindset, and centered leadership. The two-day course can be delivered all at once or over 2-4 sessions. Explore to learn more.

Customized Mindfulness Programs – We design customized keynotes, interactive workshops, retreats, and leadership development programs that support your organization’s vision and objectives. These deeply experiential programs enable participants to notice for themselves the impact of mindfulness. They demonstrate how the practices can cultivate an ability to lead and live in a way that is focused, clear, calm, creative and compassionate. We can also review your current leadership curriculum to identify and design ways to appropriately and seamlessly build mindfulness concepts and practices into your existing content.

This program manages to take content that is often thought of as new-age or hippie and frames it as scientific, relevant and valuable. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

As a result of this program I am better at managing/minimizing distractions, prioritizing, and thinking clearly about my work.

Now when I find myself starting to stress or worried, I can catch myself and bring my mind back to the present. It has been SO helpful.

— Mindfulness Program Participants