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Facilitation, Teambuilding and Retreats

Facilitation – Need a meeting to run smoothly and be productive? Our organization consultants have thousands of hours of experience facilitating effective meetings. We focus on full participation, collaboration, and moving the ball forward. We can facilitate your previously planned meeting or work with you to design a session that meets your desired outcomes.

Teambuilding – Want to improve team dynamics? Our teambuilding programs provide a safe environment for exploring team dynamics while enhancing the team's strengths and uncovering challenges. Our interactive teambuilding programs incorporate learning and discovery, fun and play. Like our facilitated events, we start by working with you to design a program that will meet your objectives. Frequent topics include building trust and respect, defining team norms, developing conflict management and communication skills, and creating team vision and strategies. We often use team assessments and/or interviews prior to the event to diagnose team patterns. Our facilitators are skilled at setting a tone that allows for discussing difficult or challenging topics in a way that is non-threatening and moves the team forward.

Retreats – Need to rest, re-energize and make meaningful progress? Many of our team building activities remove people from their usual roles and environment. We locate and take care of all the logistics for a restful retreat that will re-energize the team while making progress towards your team goals. This results in highly individuals eager to explore themselves and the team in a new and different light.

The program was very well done and I enjoyed the time we had together as a team. The execution was stellar and we achieved what we set out to do. I look forward to moving ahead with our decisions and next steps…

– Leadership Team, Fortune 500 Consulting firm