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Executive, Leader and Team Coaching

Coaching is individualized, targeted and accelerated leadership development. At Stillwater Leadership, we believe that coaching should happen in the context of business performance, and that it should develop the whole person to his or her fullest potential. Our coaches are true partners in helping leaders realize their personal and professional goals and meet their most important commitments. We do this by combining support and challenge, skills development and insight creation. We provide tools and help build self-awareness.

During coaching we often uncover deeply held beliefs and long term habits that no longer serve clients. Coaches help leaders to identify blind spots and focus on what is important. Coaches encourage leaders to try out new behaviors while holding us accountable – all with unconditional positive regard, mutual respect, and belief in our ability to grow. As coaches, we witness what is possible with intentional focus, plenty of practice and accountability. All of our leadership coaching modalities listed below have these foundations.

Executive Coaching – At the top, leaders need thought partners, yet they often don’t get objective feedback. Our coaches have the top-level experience and understanding to be thought partners coupled with the courage and caring to help executives see what is not readily apparent.

High-Potential Coaching – Do you want to get ready for the next level? We build awareness of what’s required up there. We provide an honest assessment and developmental practices and experiences to get ready.

Team Coaching – Not facilitation and not for the faint of heart, yet powerfully effective. Team coaching starts with coaching the team leader and then brings coaching to the leader and team during real working sessions. We uncover collective habits and patterns that don’t serve the team; we provide live skills development and resources; and hold the team accountable for fulfilling their commitments.

Dana’s coaching has positively contributed to our leadership team moving past challenges that have been holding us back for years. Once a skeptic, I am now a believer in the power of a great coach as a catalyst for individual and organizational change.

— VP, Consulting Firm

My coaching experience was absolutely invaluable. Not only was I able to attain my professional goals as a leader, but I was also able to leverage the skills gained to improve my entire ’self’. I can’t imagine a more productive use of time for those looking to improve their ability to effectively lead, be it at work, home, or within their community.

— Partner, Consulting Firm