Dana Pulley

About Stillwater Leadership

Stillwater Leadership is a collective of coaches and organization consultants. We have extensive corporate, consulting and federal government leadership experience. We’ve walked in your shoes, worked our way up, focused on the bottom line, and have lived the reality and expectations of fast paced organizations.

We’re dedicated to each client’s leadership growth and personal and professional goals. Our coaching, training and consulting work is heavily influenced by our leadership experiences as well as current leadership, organization and neuroscience research. We’ve personally experienced the transformative nature of greater self-awareness, presence, attention and personal resilience; we intentionally build these into our individual, team and organization engagements to create deep, lasting change.

Welcome to Stillwater Leadership. We believe:

  • Leaders need partners in growth and change who are experienced business leaders themselves
  • Every leader has an authentic style, strengths and purpose that can be cultivated
  • Dedication to building personal resilience and renewal is non-negotiable for leading in today’s organizations
  • Effective leadership development must be engaging, fun, insightful and, above all, implementable
  • Clear visions, values and a road to get there can achieve significant breakthroughs
  • Great teams take work; teams can be high-performing with clarity, awareness, directed skill building, the right tools and mutual accountability

Stillwater – a place to reflect, take stock, re-energize, renew, build capacity, create vision, take new actions, achieve results.